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Series SP

Membranpumpe SP / piston pump sp

Constructional features

  • electrically driven modular piston diaphragm pump
  • pump head made of various metal materials
  • air vessels for pulsation dampening
  • double diaphragm
  • inspection opening for diaphragm and valves
  • internal adjustment of pressure and quantity in dependence of the discharge pressure in the field of filter press feeding
  • adjustment by means of frequency converter on demand

Field of application

Pumping of abrasive and aggressive materials. Very gentle pumping of materials sensitive to shear


  • cast-iron
  • cast-iron rubber-lined
  • various stainless steel


0,5-50 m³/h


1,6 MPa (16 bar) as standard design, higher pressures acc. project requirements

Temperature of pumped material

up to 100°C as standard design, higher temperatures on demand

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series SP

The modular assembly system results in an easy maintenance of the pump. Valves and diaphragms are easily accessible by means of inspection openings.

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single-acting piston diaphragm pump SP521S
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