Emmerich Pumpenfabrik

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Series – piston diaphragm pumps

Series HBW

innovative with binding process safety

Series ER

compact, very reasonable

Series SP

very easy maintenance

High pressure pumps HD

high efficiency due to diaphragm pulsation dampeners

Series TKM

3-cylinder design, for high capacities, extremely quiet operation

Series ER – NPPH

especially compact, with profitable efficiency

Series SP – PPH

very easy maintenance

Certified industrial pumps

As a certified company, Messrs. EMMERICH PUMPENFABRIK GmbH secure the quality of their piston diaphragm pumps according DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Permanent further education and training of the staff guarantee this high standard.

Pressure Equipment

As certified company according to EN ISO 3834-3, we manufacture pressure vessels in welding design.
We comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive AD 2000 HP0.

Quality assurance

The regular quality control is put into effect at each workplace. Due to the documenting dimensional control, the development of all individual components can be reproduced.

Test runs

All manufactured pumps are checked on our processor-controlled test floor.


During the development of new constructions, we are in close contact to research institutions and our clients. Test runs for the purpose of verifying the novelties are carried out in our works.