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Diaphragm technology

The heart of every pump: EMMERICH Multisafe Double Diaphragm.

The diaphragm provides the physical separation between the pump head and the actuator thus exposing only the pump head to the material being pumped, keeping the actuator free of contamination. To accomplish this task, EMMERICH developed the Multisafe double diaphragm.

It consists of two diaphragm halves glued along the edge.

In case one of the two diaphragm halves (shown yellow and blue in the illustration) becomes defective, then operational pressure is applied to a measuring device attached to the interspace.

A diaphragm replacement can be carried out in time without endangering the plant or the product. The diaphragm leakage indication can be given optically as well as electrically.

Safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective: All piston diaphragm pumps are equipped with Multisafe diaphragms from our own production.