Emmerich Pumpenfabrik

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For 70 years specialists for piston diaphragm pumps

JOSEF EMMERICH PUMPENFABRIK GmbH was founded in Cologne in 1945 and is still an independent, growth oriented company, with the corporate headquarters located in Hönningen-Liers, Germany.

Thanks to more than 70 years’ experience, we are one of the leading specialists in the pumping of slurries in high-pressure applications. Piston diaphragm pumps are our business.

Our product development is characterized by innovation in the field of pump and material technology. This innovation is transparent in everything we do, from design and production, right through to marketing and sales.

Since 1975, JOSEF EMMERICH PUMPENFABRIK GmbH has had its own in-house production of rubber parts.

In 1995, JOSEF EMMERICH PUMPENFABRIK GmbH was the first company to develop a pump with a pump head made of polypropylene and designed for handling large volume flows, operating pressures up to 232 psi (16 bars) and temperatures up to 175°F (80°C).


1945 foundation by Mr. Josef Emmerich at Cologne
1953 launch of EK series
1955 launch of KM series
1971 relocation of the company to Hönningen-Liers / Ahr
1973 launch of SP series
1975 self-manufacturing of diaphragms
1981 construction of the world biggest piston diaphragm pump ever, a KM215A-2x6Z
1986 self-manufacturing of complete drive systems
1989 development of the roller-type diaphragm and launch of the ER series
1990 introduction of 2D-CAD-System AutoCAD
1991 launch of TKM series
1993 Milestone: Purchase of the first CNC machine tool (lathe VDF Boehringer PNE710 / DNE570)
1995 development and distribution of pumps with head made of polypropylene (PPH) with a working pressure of 16 bar
2000 introduction of 3D-CAD-System Pro/ENGINEER
2004 launch of MS series
2004 ATEX certification
2006 upgrade of diaphragm manufacturing by vaccuum moulding machines
2012 launch of SP-PPH and ER-NPPH series
2012 launch of TZDKM and ZDKM series
2012 new model series HBW-PPH